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When you arrive to the campus, please go through the main entrance and stop at the information kiosk (a little red building) and get your parking permit. There are free copies of the campus parking map available for you at the kiosk.

We have included these additional instructions below to assist you in getting from the kiosk to the Core West parking structure. You can park in the Core West Parking structure which is across the street from the Baskin Engineering building.

Directions to follow once you arrive at the Main Entrance of UC Santa Cruz:
1. Enter on Bay St.
2. Stop at Kiosk on your left to pick up parking permit.
3. Follow Bay St. further into campus, head straight ahead through all lights, following
perimeter of campus - Bay St. become McLaughlin Dr.
4. Follow McLaughlin Dr. until it dead-ends, turn LEFT onto into Heller Dr.
5. Immediately, you will need to get ready to turn LEFT into the Core West Parking Structure
(where you should be able to find parking).

Please note: When you park in the structure, please be sure you DO NOT park in the pay stalls on the 2nd floor as your parking permit is not good in those parking spots and you risk getting a ticket. You can park in any of the other spots as long as they are not reserved or take a special permit such as carpool.

6. From here, you have only a short walk to Baskin Engineering.


Directions to UC Santa Cruz:

Map from UC Santa Cruz Main Entrance to Core West Parking Structure and Baskin Engineering Building

Map of Campus Parking:

Map of the UCSC Campus:
(For general orientation during your visit)