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» Prof. Schmidt's work highlighted as Featured Engineer on EEWeb.com: Article (June 2011)

» Article by Philip Measor on a miniaturized particle manipulation chip published in SPIE Newsroom: Article (March 2011).

» Slow light on a chip: Official Press Release; Nature Photonics (September 5, 2010).

» Global Press of Applied Optics Group’s Slow Light Research

» Prof. Schmidt and colleagues win Rogers Family Foundation "Bridging the Gap" Award for translational research: Official Press Relase (January 2010).

» Article by Sergei Kuehn on a new active optofluidic particle trap in Lab on Chip: Article (January 2010).

» Article by Philip Measor on multimode mitigation in optofluidic waveguides in Optics Express: Article (December 2009).

» Applied Optics Group develops new on-chip optical particle trap: Official Press Release (June 2009).

» W.M. Keck Foundation awards $1.5 Million to UCSC team led by Prof. Schmidt to establish Center for Nanoscale Optofluidics: Official Press Release (January 2009).

» National Science Foundation funds Applied Optics group to collaborate with research group in Germany on next-generation data storage materials: Press Release (in German) (August 2008).

» First demonstration of planar optofluidic detection of single bioparticles on a chip: Official Press Release; Lab on a Chip article (July 2, 2007).

» Atomic spectroscopy on a chip: Official Press Release; Scientific American 06/07 (June 1, 2007).

» Global Press of Applied Optics Group’s Atomic Spectroscopy Research

» Applied Optics student Wilhelm Melitz receives Huffman Prize as well as Dean's and Chancellor's Awards for his undergraduate thesis work on near-field studies on nanomagnets. (June 12, 2006).

» Applied Optics graduate student Mikhail Rudenko wins Young Investigator Award at Photonics West 2007: Official Press Release (January 21, 2007).

» Liquid core ARROW waveguides and single molecule sensors: Title story in UCSC Review Fall 2006 (September 2006).

» Laser Focus World (July 2006); Laser Focus World (June 2006); Laser Focus World (December 2004).

» Applied Optics graduate student Dongliang Yin wins UC GREAT Fellowship: Official Press Release; UCSC Currents (June 1, 2005).

» Keck Foundation Futures Grant Awarded: Keck Foundation press release; UCSC Currents (May 9, 2005)

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